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Oxydator of Söchting

Oxydator of Söchting
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Oxydator of Söchting
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Söchting Oxydator Mini For shrimp and nano tanks The Söchting Mini Oxydator enriches the aquarium water with active oxygen, which is formed by the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to water and pure oxygen. On the one hand, this active oxygen is able to ensure the oxygen supply of the fish and shrimp, on the other hand, it effectively removes various toxins and can also be helpful against water turbidity and spawning. The oxygen obtained from hydrogen peroxide, in contrast to "blubber bricks", does not emit any CO2 and is therefore particularly suitable for plant aquariums. The amount of oxygen produced always depends on the temperature. Therefore, especially in summer, when the temperatures in the aquarium usually rise automatically, the use of an oxidizer is recommended. Filling Mini Oxydator: The Mini Oxydator can be filled with both the supplied 4.9% solution and 3% solution. Operating time / Efficiency: At a water temperature around 25C and the use of a catalyst stone, a filling lasts about 4 weeks. If 2 catalyst pebbles are used, the operating time is halved to about 2 weeks, with the release of active oxygen also increases. The consumption of the Mini Oxydator can always be easily recognized by the level of the hydrogen peroxide solution. Diameter: 4 cm Height: 8.5 cm Up to approx. 60l pool size Including 2 x 82.5 ml 4.9% oxidizer solution including 2 catalyst pebbles

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